PDF Forms/Security

DCM’s .pdf documents work best when opened with the most recent version of the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. After entering data into fillable fields, users can perform a File>Save function onto their computers or storage devices, then re-open and re-edit the document. Users may also wish to lock fillable-field text before forwarding a document for signature. Such users can perform a File>Print function, then select Printer>Adobe PDF, select Print, then on the Save PDF File As screen that may be minimized on the taskbar: select the save location and change the document name if preferred to keep both editable and non-editable versions. As a further precaution you may then set a password to be required for edits by selecting File>Properties>Security. Please note that locking text into a flattened .pdf and setting a password is not a guarantee against edits by other users with pdf-editing and password-stripping software.

Plan Review Submittals

A completed B-1: Transmittal form must be included with each submittal of plans and/or specifications per the Manual of Procedures - Chapter 3: Submittal Requirements & Procedures for Plan Review. Required fee payment information is available on the User Fees page.

Project Types

Owner/Architect/Engineer Agreements, Amendments, Construction Contracts and Change Order Forms' signature spaces are specific to project type. Note: Current Forms may be used for pre-2020 projects.

User Fees Calculation Worksheets

For Reference