Self-Perform Projects

When the budget for a state agency, public junior and community college, institute, trade school, or locally funded K-12 school project is less than $50,000.00, the owner may act as the general contractor in which case the owner must issue a self-performance letter. The owner may also self-perform the purchase of materials and/or equipment in conjunction with a bidded contract.

  • The self-performance letter must be on the owner’s letterhead addressed to DCM Director Frank Barnes and include the following: project name and address, the expected cost and a description of the project scope. Include the name of the architectural firm or engineering firm involved with the project. The letter can be emailed to DCM at
  • Any construction plans and specifications must be issued by a design professional and be submitted to DCM for review and approval.
  • Inspections by a DCM Inspector are required. The permit fee is due with DCM's receipt of the self-performance letter and must be paid before scheduling the required pre-construction conference before commencement of work.
  • Plan Review and Permit fee payment information is available on DCM's User Fees webpage.