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Manual of Procedures - updated 2020

Any substantive changes since the January 2020 updates shall be indicated.


Table of Contents
Chapter 1:  Alabama Division of Construction Management Organization and Authority
Chapter 2:  State Building Code
Chapter 3:  Submittal Requirements and Procedures for Plan Review
Chapter 4:  Design Professional Services
Chapter 4, Supplement:  Determination of Basic Fee or Basic Fee Rate for Design Professional Services
Chapter 5:  Uniform Documents, Roofing Considerations and Requirements, and Other Pre-Bid Considerations
Chapter 6:  Bid Procedures and Award of Contracts - updated February 2020
Chapter 7:  Construction Contract Administration - updated February 2020
Chapter 8:  Construction Inspection & Monitoring of Projects
Chapter 9:  Special Procedures & Forms for Public School & College Authority (PSCA) Projects
Appendix A:  Summary of DCM Requirements by Project Type
Appendix A-1:  Pre-Assembled & Portable Buildings
Appendix A-2:  Leased or Leased-Purchased Buildings on State Property
Appendix B:  DCM Uniform Documents and Standard Forms to be Used by the Design Professional
Appendix C:  DCM Uniform Documents and Standard Forms to be Included in the Project Manual
Appendix D:  DCM Recommended Guidelines for Selection of Architects, Engineers, Land Surveyors, and/or Testing Services
Appendix E:  Alabama Division of Construction Management Administrative Code

For Reference

Manual of Procedures for projects with O/A Agreements dated 2001-2019