Current Manual (one pdf)

Current Manual of Procedures

All projects must adhere to either the Manual of Procedures published at the time of the date of the Agreement Between Owner and Architect, or adhere to the current Manual of Procedures. Any updated sections are published once a quarter, unless urgent; any substantively updated verbiage will be in red font for the remainder of the quarter. - 09/01/23: Updates coming soon.


Table of Contents
Chapter 1:  Alabama Division of Construction Management Organization and Authority - updated June 2023
Chapter 2:  State Building Code
Chapter 3:  Submittal Requirements and Procedures for Plan Review - updated June 2023
Chapter 4:  Design Professional Services
Chapter 4-Supplement:  Determination of Basic Fee or Basic Fee Rate for Design Professional Services
Chapter 5:  Uniform Documents, Roofing Considerations and Requirements, and Other Pre-Bid Considerations
Chapter 6:  Bid Procedures and Award of Contracts
Chapter 7:  Construction Contract Administration
Chapter 8:  Construction Inspection & Monitoring of Projects
Chapter 9:  Special Procedures & Forms for Public School & College Authority (PSCA) Projects
Appendix A:  Summary of DCM Requirements by Project Type
Appendix A-1:  Manufactured Buildings
Appendix A-2:  Leased or Leased-Purchased Buildings on State Property
Appendix B:  DCM Uniform Documents and Standard Forms to be Used by the Design Professional
Appendix C:  DCM Uniform Documents and Standard Forms to be Included in the Project Manual
Appendix D:  DCM Recommended Guidelines for Selection of Architects, Engineers, Land Surveyors, and/or Testing Services
Appendix E:  Alabama Division of Construction Management Administrative Code

For Reference

2001 Manual of Procedures - may be used for projects with O/A Agreements dated 2001 - July 31, 2020.