User Fees

Electronic payment of all fees may be made using the button above. Fees may also be paid by physical check payable to “Finance - Construction Management”. Include the DCM (BC) Project Number, if assigned, on the check and attach the corresponding fee worksheet; mail payments to: Finance - Construction Management, P.O. Box 301150, Montgomery, AL 36130-1150. Payments using Public School and College Authority (PSCA) funds and state agency inter-fund transfers may be arranged by contacting

Plan Review Fees

Plan Review Fee Calculation Worksheet (Basic, ADA and 65%)
Additional Revised Final Plan Review Fees Calculation Worksheet

Fee Types

  • Basic Plan Review Fee: Covers Schematic, Preliminary, Final, 1st Revised Final and addenda reviews, along with reviews of most changes and ASIs after plans have been approved. Initial Plan Review Fee (50% of basic Plan Review Fee, up to a maximum of $500.00): Covers Schematic and Preliminary reviews.
  • Additional Revised Final Review Fee (15% of basic Plan Review fee): Each Additional Revised Final submittal (after the 1st Revised Final review) will incur the Additional Revised Final Fee until a submittal is approved.
  • Optional 65% Intermediate Review Fee: Covers one Optional 65% Intermediate Review.
  • ADA Review Fee (50% of the basic Plan Review Fee, up to a maximum of $500.00): Covers Final and First Revised Final review. If more than one Revised Final submittal is required, the 15% Additional Revised Final Review Fee will apply.

Review Types

  • Schematic Review: The initial Plan Review Fee must be paid. The remainder of the basic Plan Review Fee must be paid at Final Review.
  • Preliminary Review: The initial Plan Review Fee must be paid. The remainder of the basic Plan Review Fee must be paid at Final Review.
    • Note: The initial Plan Review Fee is only required to be paid once for a Schematic and/or Preliminary Review. The total basic Plan Review Fee may be paid in lieu of an initial Plan Review Fee.
  • Optional 65% Intermediate Review: The Optional 65% Intermediate Review Fee must be paid.
  • Final Review: The total basic Plan Review Fee must be paid (if an initial Plan Review Fee was paid, the remainder is due).
  • 1st Revised Final Review (required if the Final Review is not approved): Included in the paid basic Plan Review Fee.
  • Additional (2nd, 3rd, etc.) Revised Final Review (required if previous Revised Final Reviews are not approved): The Additional Revised Final Review Fee (15% of the total basic Plan Review Fee) will apply to each full resubmittal until a submittal is approved.
  • Addenda, ASI and construction contract change order Reviews: Covered under the basic Plan Review Fee.
  • Rebid, revised scope and value-engineered items Review: May require an additional review fee based on a determination of the extent of changes.
  • ADA Review: The ADA Review Fee must be paid. This review is only for projects owned or funded by a municipality or county. The plans and specifications of all such projects must be submitted for review of compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Standards.

Permit Fees

Permit Fee & Permit Re-Inspection Fee Calculation Worksheet

Basic Permit Fee: Covers required project inspections and is based on the awarded contract sum of the entire project. The Permit Fee is due when a construction contract or self-performance letter is received by DCM and must be paid before a Pre-Construction Conference is scheduled with Division of Construction Management (DCM) Inspectors; see Pre-Construction Conference Checklist.

  • Special Circumstance: The Permit fee for an Alabama Community College System (ACCS) storm shelter-related project started on or after August 1, 2021 is based on the total cost estimate of the storm shelter (not just on an upcharge, if any, to fortify the space), utilities connecting to the storm shelter, and means of egress (including exit passageways/corridors, exits and exit discharges).

Permit Re-Inspection Fee: Certain benchmarks are required for inspections as listed in the Pre-Construction Conference Checklist. If the minimum requirements are not met and the Inspector is obliged to return to complete the inspection, a Re-Inspection Fee of $1,500.00 per occurrence will be charged and must be paid before the inspection can be re-scheduled.

Inspections must be requested by the Contractor in writing/email to the design professional who will then consult the DCM Inspector for an available date. The design professional shall then send a confirmation email, copying the Contractor, the Owner, the Inspector and the DCM main office ( Inspections may be canceled with a minimum of 48 hours notice by email given to all parties. If appropriate notice is not given, a Re-Inspection Fee may also be charged.

Contract Document Administration Fee

Contract Document Administration Fees Calculation Worksheet

Basic Contract Document Administration (CDA) Fee: The basic CDA Fee covers review of the original submitted document and one revision. The basic CDA Fee applies to documents administered by DCM and must be paid before the associated document is reviewed. This includes review of all Agreements Between Owner And Architect (O/A Agreements) and Construction Contracts for state agencies, Alabama Community College System (ACCS) institutions, and partial or full Public School and College Authority (PSCA)-funded projects of K-12 public schools and public universities and the related amendments, change orders, service invoices and payment requests. This fee does not apply to fully locally-funded K-12 or fully locally-funded university projects.

The CDA Fee-O/A is due before the O/A Agreement is reviewed by DCM (see Open-End exception below) or when a fully locally-funded project O/A Agreement is converted to PSCA. The CDA Fee-CC is due before the construction contract is reviewed by DCM or when a fully locally-funded project construction contract is converted to PSCA.

The Contract Document Administration Fee Calculation Worksheet calculates the basic CDA fee:

  • ¼ of 1% (.25%) of the Project Budget for the Owner/Architect Agreement
  • ¼ of 1% (.25%) of the Construction Contract Amount for the Construction Contract

Open-End O/A Agreement Exception: Open-End O/A Agreements at inception have no specific project sum in order to determine the fee. Because one of the purposes of this type of contract is to aggregate services for multiple smaller projects, the CDA-O/A fee is billed annually for the fees associated with projects amended to the O/A Agreement during the preceding year ending June 30.

Additional Revised Contract Document Fee: When more than one revision is required, an additional fee of $200.00 will be charged to the design professional for each additional submittal until the document is executed. Contract documents subject to this fee include, but are not limited to, the following: O/A Agreements, Amendments, Statements for Services, Construction Contracts, Change Orders, Payment Applications and Certificates of Substantial Completion.

Final Reconciliation of Fees

At the close of construction, the final reconciliation process recalculates each applicable basic fee using the actual final construction cost to determine whether any amount is due from/to the Owner.

As soon as the final construction contract amount or self-performance cost has been determined by final change order or contractor’s final payment request, the Owner or the design professional must report that amount to DCM through email to or through the online portal link of this section. DCM will then prepare and send the Final Reconciliation of Fees Statement (invoice or refund notice) to the Owner. The Final Reconciliation Worksheets that will be used by DCM to recalculate the fees may be found on DCM's Forms webpage.

User Fees Policy

Pursuant to Administrative Rule 355-16-1 Collection of User Fees effective January 13, 2020, all projects under the jurisdiction of DCM require payment of fees at various points during the project for plan review, permitting/inspections and, if applicable, contract document administration.

User Fees Contacts

Contact Trishunda Henderson at 334-242-4082 or concerning Plan Review Fees and procedures.
Contact Jennie Jones at 334-242-4808 or concerning all other User Fees.